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We found this on Face Book the other day =, Irwin asked JOC  about us on Face Book  
JOC's  Reply ++++++ We haven't received any feedback about this dealer. I just had a quick look.
Some cars on there have suspiciously low mileage for their age. Make sure the de-reg papers are the ORIGINALS (watermarked, ...).
If unsure, get us to run a check.
HEARTBEAT CARS ++++++++   
Hi Irwin and JOC 
Heartbeat Cars was a Boutique  Garage specializing in the service and repair of JDM  vehicles.
We are mechanics not car salesmen.  Heartbeat cars is  VSCCS certified.
Heartbeat Cars evolved into what we are today.
Meaning we decided to import our own JDM vehicles after, well you can see why. 
We knew we could do it better.  We are not about "Moving Metal" 
Heartbeat Cars mission is to import the best JDM vehicles into Australia.  
We are small and all our cars are indoors. We have a state of the art mechanical workshop.
Heartbeat Cars is focused on customer satisfaction and we provide a real 3 year warranty with all vehicles.
We have a variety of makes and models and only source the lowest possible kilometer cars.
The cars are also checked in Japan.  Then put through our mechanical workshop here.
Finding low kilometer cars is a difficult task as we pay a premium for good low kilometer cars.                                                                                                                                                             The result being,  our cars are more expensive. The difference is you own a car you can trust. 
Check the oil and water and drive from Sydney to Melbourne.  Without thinking  "am I going to make it?" 
Of course we would like a line up of 30,000 kilometer Estima's and the same in EVO's  and Elgrands and so on. 
That does not happen,we have to take what we find. So it is a low kilometer Evo here, a low kilometer Skyline there and so on. 
The late model 2010 plus cars are easier to find,  we still pay a premium for late model cars with super low Kilometers. 
It is the same everywhere including Japan. You pay more for low kilometer cars. They don't give them away.
When a low kilometer vehicle is available in Japan we do our best to acquire it. It is what Heartbeat Cars do. 
Not to mention when a car arrives from Japan we put the car through our workshop to make sure the vehicle
will want for nothing mechanically, body and interior-wise.  
It is really a battle to get the message across to potential customers, the reason why we are slightly dearer
than the Import Dealer up the road, who wont supply service log books, REAL Export certificate and  
REAL Auction report, not to mention the log books and service history.
Here is an example of damage to the industry.
In-stock we have a 1994 GTST HR33 with only 13012 km's.  If you see this car it is like brand new. 
The phone does not ring !  as no one believes the kilometers.   Click to view http://www.heartbeatcars.com.au/node/11
This is what Heartbeat Cars is up against because of the tarnish to the industry by some Dealers 
and unlicensed private importers who will bring in half a dozen cars that should be crushed at Sims Metal.
These kind of operators brings the Import Car Business into disrepute. 
It is an amazing coincidence that these Dealers have 80 plus import cars in their yards.
The coincidence being these Dealers cars, have all somehow lost their Service Log Books, the export Certificate and Auction report, service stickers.  All 80 of them ?.  Lucky some have photo copies ?   
Sure the odd car comes in without books, it happens. Heartbeat cars has had one car with no log books in 2 years.
I would like to ad that nearly every car we have imported has the service sticker still intact and legible on the vehicle,
This sticker is located sometimes on the drivers door sill, in between the dash and the drivers door. Under the bonnet and sometimes stuck in the glove box or the center console.  I have never seen a service sticker on a windscreen, like we do here in OZ ? 
We commend you guys at JOC and other similar organisations that provide the same service. 
You are, like us instrumental in making a change the industry and 99% of customers are now requesting the relevant documents.
Your efforts helps to contribute to the weeding out these dark operators. 
Dear JOC please don't make statements that can draw negative and injurious inferences about Heartbeat Cars.
We work so hard to be the best in the industry.
All cars come with Original Export Certificate and Auction Condition report and factory Log books                                 
with a money back Guarrantee.  We cannot guarrantee kilometers on cars we trade in. 
All Heartbeat Cars are advertised with the  VIN number.
We always recommend JOC and Japanese History Check to our clients.  
Or alternatively please send your people here to inspect any or all of our vehicles.
JOC is more than welcome.
Please don't hesitate to contact us.  DIRECT on 02 9744 3555 Email:  admin@heartbeatcars.com.au

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