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Here is the most valuable advice when buying a Japanese Import that a "Reputable Dealer" will not forget to mention... 

When buying a Japanese Import it is imperative that the buyer requests to see the Japanese Export Certificate also known as the "Dereg".

This document verifies the kilometres as of when the car was last inspected in Japan. 

All cars in Japan are inspected every 2 years. This is a blue Japanese Government issued watermarked document.

This is an official document that can be helded up to the light to reveal the watermarks. 

A copied unoriginal version will show in large letters 'COPY'.

DO NOT ACCEPT A PHOTOCOPY as a genuine copy, as it can be modified. Unless it has been "Notarized". Shining a UV light on this document will also reveal more hidden text. Use the QR Code App and scan this document. The QR code will reveal the certificate number on the top left. 

The export approval " Dereg" must be accompanied with the Auction report. The Auction report will show the latest kilometres when the car went to auction.               

It will also tell you the condition of the vehicle: accidents, rust, dents and over all condition. This is a must!   


Most Japanese cars also have the oil change sticker either under the bonnet or in the door sill. They are similar to Australian ones.

The oil change stickers do go skew sometimes as the car detailers may accidentally wash them off but at most you can draw your own inference. 

This sticker will tell you when the oil change is due and must be consistent with the Auction Report and Export Approval.

Not to mention 99% of import cars have logbooks and a service history just like Australian vehicles.

If a dealer makes up excuses, offers other documents in lieu and is evasive in showing you both these documents in unison then it is advisable to just walk away. 

If it is a private seller and cannot produce these documents you are taking a big risk.

In both these scenarios, the car will be more than likely to have had its speedo " ODOMETER TAMPERED WITH" commonly known as a wind back. It may also be a rusty snow car  or an accident repaired write off. 

However, even if the car has the correct documents, low kilometres, service history and books, as well as looks great... a buyer must also consider whether that particular vehicle has lived in the North Islands of Japan in the snow and is susceptable to rust or whether is it an accident repaired vehicle? 

Always have the car checked out by a reputable vehicle inspection service like MTA Vehicle Inspections Service or NRMA. The best $250.00 you will ever spend on a car.

The bottom line is, when looking for your next Japanese Import seek a car that has low km's, rust free, accident free, unmolested heavily modified vehicle and includes all of the relevant original documents. 

Do your reseach and don't be put off. 

It is just a matter of being educated and steered in the right direction by trustworthy and respectful dealers. Japanese Imports are fantastic vehicles and excellent value for money. It is just a matter of being a smart, educated buyer just as with any other purchase. 

Remember you get what you pay for. Don't end up with a heap of rubbish that has a hard life that will in the near future cause unreliability, expense and grief. 


(1)  Export Certificate (Dereg) not a photocopy

(2)  Auction Report

(3)  Inspection: rust free, accident free, cigarette smell free and vehicle has not had a hard life

(4)  Under 60,000 km's as a rule

(5) Log Books 

Follow these simple rules and you will be the happy owner the best value for money car! 

For more information contact us... Sal or John  02 9744 3555  we are professionals in Japanese Imports who have the customers best interests at heart, that's why we call ourselves HEARTBEAT CARS! Nothing makes us happier than customer satisfaction! 

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